For this collection called “I am an individual”, the idea is to ratify one of the fundamental pillar son wich the brand is founded: the individual as an element of empowerment and individual searches… That’s how our Art Director taked two elements that speak of a space an a family environment, the camouflage print and the ploka dots (that make relation to aspects of his roots and his two nationalities). 

Colombia for it’s part is living a peace precess and the end of the war, and there was a need to introduce elements that will record it; in this case the camouflage print in color blue refers to freedom and Green for to hope. 

In this collection was important to highlight them but also créate synergy between the diferent elements of the speech such as embroidered and woven applications that refer to different elements of pre-columbian art, the Asian flowers, the phrases the speak of those inner needs “I need you” or “I am beatiful” that raify is a beautiful by the simple fact of being different.