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The foregoing limitation of liability shall apply to any action, even if an authorized
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the website, under the conditions of use and legal notices at any time.
The property offered is subject to availability of stock (deals) and find the conditions thereof,
which can not be replaced by claims. Suggestions requested by the user or client, in the
changes that you want to implement the same (if the product would admit it), they should be
booked in advance between it and POLITE, in the final terms and conditions of the product, as
well as its price, delivery and transportation, in those that have yet to agree.
Every time you use the website POLITE.COM.CO, you should consult the terms of use, legal
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well as updates. If you are not satisfied with the POLITE website, its content, conditions of use
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The user should periodically check this disclaimer, it will involve updating product delivery
It is forbidden to use the site, misrepresenting the identity of a user, using buying agents or
conducting fraudulent activities on the site, these behaviors in Colombia (Law 1273 of 2009) as
in most countries are prays cybercrime affecting other property legally protected in the
respective local country, where transactions are made.
Should one or more of the provisions contained in this document are considered void, illegal or
ineffective in any respect, the validity, legality and enforceability or effectiveness of the
remaining provisions hereof shall not be affected or invalidated by this circumstance.
DOMAIN NAME POLITE.COM.CO is a domain name and top-level commercial property POLITE COMPANY and / or
SAS DESIGN POLITE, partnership (00,216,166 and NIT Register Act 1480, 2011 0900445420-5
http://www.ccibague. org / incorporated under the laws of Colombia, whose main activities
include the design, development, manufacture and marketing of fashion apparel and
accessories for women and men, wholesale and retail.
All material computing, graphics, advertising, photographic, multimedia, audiovisual and / or
design, and all content, text and databases made available on this site are the exclusive
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Except as expressly provided in these terms and conditions is prohibited any act of copying,
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In any case these terms confer rights, licenses and / or authorizations to perform the acts
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POLITE.COM.CO Nothing should be construed as granting or grant any title of authorizations,
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written permission of the COMPANY or the owner of the rights therein.
Any unauthorized use is a violation of these terms and conditions and applicable national and
international regulations on industrial property and will result in appropriate civil and criminal
All parameters are set based on the provisions contained in the provisions of the PARIS
in Colombia with Law 178 of 1994 (December 28) by the approving the “Paris Convention for
the Protection of Industrial Property”, done at Paris on March 20, 1883, revised at Brussels on
December 14, 1900, at Washington on June 2, 1911, at The Hague on November 6, 1925, at
London on June 2, 1934, at Lisbon on October 31, 1958, in Stockholm on July 14, 1967 and
amended on October 2, 1979.
The COMPANY prohibits the use of names and / or logos, brands and other distinctive
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approved by the COMPANY in writing in which case it must adhere to the criteria and design
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Likewise, the COMPANY reserves the right to request the removal or blocking off links that
have been established on websites without express permission. The establishment in pages not
controlled by the COMPANY of links to subdirectories within the URL HTTP :/ /
WWW.POLITE.COM.CO (“deeplinking”) is prohibited and their liability is the Majordomo solely
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The deployment, use, display, copy or any other form of reproduction
site or any of its subdirectories and / or pages in sites not controlled by the COMPANY
(“Framing”) is expressly prohibited. Violations of these prohibitions is a violation of intellectual
property rights on the contents and Industrial Property rights and shall notify the appropriate
authorities of the dilutions and trademark infringements (trademarkdilution) and / or unfair
competition, previously exhausted administrative remedies.
LINKS TO THIRD PARTY WEB SITES The website may contain links to other sites operated by third parties, including but
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The conditions of use and privacy policy all third party site may differ greatly on the conditions
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If you were to agree to use deep hyperlinks with third parties are noted next to the latest news
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Any questions regarding the use of the contents or the inclusion of links to the URL http:// head to the COMPANY in Colombia by phone (578) 5150289 or through . Its use, in contravention of the provisions herein, will result in
civil and criminal actions involved.
In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Colombia, the contents on this site, including
without limitation, text, graphics and links (links) are provided on the basis of “as is” without
warranties of using any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties
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on this site or any site linked to this site, or the results of use, or any other situation with respect
to such material.
The domain POLITE.COM.CO warns customers that the information on this site may contain
errors or inaccuracies, not be complete or current. Therefore, the COMPANY reserves the right
to correct any error, omission or inaccuracy, change or update it at any time and without notice.
The prices assigned to each Product published in the web site, will these and only these (in
Colombian pesos, dollars or its equivalent in local currency) effect on the date of publication.
The value to cancel or transfer by the user or buyer shall be deemed to the publication, which
should match the transaction.
Notwithstanding given to the mandatory rules applicable Colombian law, the COMPANY
assumes no liability whatsoever, including any liability for any loss or damage, including, but
not limited to, loss of data or profit, for viruses, results use or inability to use the materials on
this site, lost business opportunities, or any other damages, even if the user has advised us of
the possibility of such damages, or for any claims of third parties, except as expressly granted
herein are states.
Under the terms set forth herein, the COMPANY does not assume any responsibility for the
information provided on the page, including, but not limited to, with respect to products,
notes of interest, opinions, tips and resolving concerns. The COMPANY does not assume any
responsibility for problems or inability to use the Site or any of the pages that comprise it,
including but not limited to events such as server problems or connection, interruptions in
communication, technical problems . Do not assume responsibility for product updates special
conditions appearing in commercial (offers) prays season.
In the event that use of the material on this site throw results in the need for servicing, repair or
correction of equipment or data, you assume all costs arising therefrom.
Organizations, products and / or services to which at one point they advertise in the domain
POLITE.COM.CO, and the links (links) POLITE.COM.CO presented in the domain are not
affiliated or associated some with the COMPANY, and the COMPANY therefore not necessarily
endorse or promote the products and / or services, or the organizations described in the
domain of POLITE.COM.CO products, comments or content and its effects, are the sole
responsibility of issuer thereof. Vg. Detergents, fabric softeners, laundry or washing machines,
among others.
The COMPANY has no role in the production of these products and / or services and makes no
warranty, express or implied, of its content or its fitness for a particular purpose. For example,
when suggesting the use of any product and / or service, are the sole user autonomy to decide
its use, and therefore, the COMPANY assumes no liability for direct or indirect damages,
certain or contingent, past, present or future, that join themselves to derive from such use.
Thus, the treatment that the user performs with the producer or supplier of the products and /
or services contained in advertising on this site as well as your visits to their websites through
the links (links) of this site are your sole responsibility, without in any way compromising the
responsibility of the COMPANY.
The COMPANY may at any time revise the terms of use contained herein by updating this
posting without notice. By using the domain POLITE.COM.CO, you agree to give bound by
any such revisions, which will be effective from the time that they are accessible to users and
means that will be required in the unlikely event conflict, calendars record appears in the
transaction log, then must periodically visit this page to determine the then current terms at
the time, to which the user will be required in the event you decide to use this site, this will
require the prior registration as a user of this website.
Without prejudice to the provisions of article 1, paragraph b) of Act 527 of 1999, the term
online purchase contract through electronic media, also called commerce (e- commerce) mail,
performing acts, businesses or commercial transactions concluded
through the exchange of data messages electronically exchanged between suppliers and
consumers for the marketing of products and services.
COMPANY provide accurate information at all times, reliable, sufficient, clear and up to date
on products they offer. In particular, indicate where possible, their characteristics and properties
such as size, weight, measure, the material it is made, its nature, origin, method of
manufacture, components, applications, how to employment and washing instructions,
properties, quality, suitability, amount, or any other relevant factor, regardless they are
accompanied by pictures, so that the user or customer has a representation as close to the
reality of product.
The contract between the client and the COMPANY will be improved when an offer to
purchase on site by the customer, is accepted by the COMPANY. The contract will be governed
by the terms defined by the present clauses, which govern the sale of products that is effected
by the use of this site by the COMPANY or any of its subsidiaries that appear on the invoice,
known in these Policies such as THE COMPANY.
Our services are available only to those individuals who have legal capacity to contract, as
required by Colombian law in force. If the customer has no legal capacity to contract, we ask
that you not use our services. The COMPANY in no case be obliged to accept an offer to buy
nor will to reorganize services generated by the bad faith of the user.
These Terms and Conditions are governed without exception and in all respects by the laws of
the Republic of Colombia and construed accordingly.
For any dispute, disagreement or dispute arising from the interpretation, validity, scope and /
or application of these Terms and Conditions, the User will contact POLITE and / or SAS
POLITE irrefutably DESIGN, forwarding your claim, that the parties attempt to reach an
agreement. If it is not possible to arrive at an amicable settlement, the parties shall submit to
the ordinary courts of Ibague-Tolima-Colombia with jurisdiction in the matter.
COMPANY registered in CHAMBER OF COMMERCE of the city of Ibague-Colombia, located
at the following address: be subjected to alternative methods of
dispute resolution offered by this organization and will provide users or customers contact
details appropriate for such bodies, and where appropriate, have access to relevant codes and
practices applied by the certification body. Like COMPANY is subject to all the rules for ecommerce
Superintendence of Colombia, located at the following url: . co
These terms and conditions of sale are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws
of the Republic of Colombia. Any dispute arising out of this document will be submitted to the
competent courts in accordance with Colombian law, and both the COMPANY and the client
expressly waive any other jurisdiction that may be applicable due to their present or future.
This site concerned to comply with Colombian law (1581, 2012) known as Personal Data
Processing, which is why any information of this character, we apply stringent privacy and
confidentiality in order to protect our visitors’ information to browse our web site prays our
users to purchase our products.
At times they invite our customers or users, in order to improve the site visit, the customer
service response time to requests and purchases may we extend forms with personal details to
register or subscribe them to services and accounts .
The user or client could at any time update the information recorded in our files have
respective corrections also apply the same if they be wrong.
As part of its interaction with the COMPANY, it is possible that personal information is
collected, such as:
1. Contact information, including name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.
2. Purchase information, including credit card number, billing information or consignments.
We may also collect demographic information, including age, personal interests and product
We may ask for your personal information when shopping or taking advantage of the services
we offer. For example, we may request and / or collect personal information when you:
1. Purchase products or services
2. Set up an online account
3. Participate in a sweepstakes, promotion or survey
4. We communicate with us for questions or concerns
Participate in other activities with the domain POLITE.COM.CO
We use personal information you provide to us for purposes including, but not limited to:
1. Fill orders for products or information.
2. Tracking and confirm online orders.
3. Provide customer service.
4. Administering sweepstakes, promotions or surveys.
5. Offering new products.
6. Improve the effectiveness of our web sites, our marketing endeavors and our services and
7. Conduct research and analysis. August.
8. Send marketing communications.
9. Performing other business activities as needed or as otherwise described elsewhere in this
10. Personal information provided to the domain POLITE.COM.CO by third parties.
11. Information about friends and family or
12. If you provide us information about others, or if others give us your information, will only
use that information for the specific reason for which it was provided. Examples include
providing a shipping address for weekly ad by e-mail to a friend, and email a link to friends to
see your wishlist.
13. Sharing personal information.
The COMPANY does not sell or rent your personal information to third parties. Except for staff
and written authorization by the owner of the information, or by order of a judicial authority or
governmental request valid national or a Foreign Government to maintain existing relationships
with current or Colombia.
We may need to share your information with third parties such as our agents, service providers
and other representatives acting on our behalf for limited purposes. For example, we may
share personal information with third parties that perform services on our behalf or transfer also
possible that personal information in the event of a corporate sale, merger, acquisition,
dissolution or similar event.
At times, we may partner with a third party to create a site that may look as if in a page of the
COMPANY. These sites can co-brand or, to give the look and feel off our site. However, the
information collected on these pages may not be covered by the Privacy Policy of the
COMPANY. Informed of these sites and post the privacy policy that applies to information
collected on these pages.
Cookies are small data files that websites and emails or saved in your browser
and optionally on the hard disk. Cookies let us “remember” information about your
preferences and session, and the user or client allows you to move within areas of our Web
sites without re-entering your data.
This makes it possible to create a more personalized shopping experience and comfortable.
The COMPANY uses a third party to place cookies on your computer, to collect information
that is not personally identifiable. Although cookies contain a unique user number, do not
collect or store any personally identifiable information. However, you have the option to save
your member ID in the cookie Reward Zone to make it easy to remember next time.
Nevertheless you can configure your Internet browser to reject cookies, but be warned that
these are needed to see, create an account, or make purchases via the website COMPANY If
you have cookies enabled or stored on your computer, surely you can not use this website.
The COMPANY will communicate with customers across multiple channels and media to keep
them updated on issues such as promotions, offers, content customer experience and new
products or services.
Once the customer or provide your personal information, we can contact with direct mail, email
or phone. We continue to communicate through these channels unless you request to stop
receiving these communications by opting to be excluded (opt-out). Before sending you
mobile marketing (eg text messages), we will ask your explicit consent requesting their
If you no longer wish to receive these communications, you may let us know by any of the
following methods that are appropriate under the circumstances:
1. Follow the instructions in an e-mail or direct mail marketing communication you receive from
2. Call (578) 5150289 with your request and current contact information.
3 . S e n d a n ema i l wi t h y o u r re q u e s t a n d c u r re n t c o n t a c t i n f o rma t i o n
4. For mobile marketing, you can opt out by following the instructions in your account
5. If you send a request by email or letter, please be sure to include your name, address, phone
number and email, as well as the specific changes you want to do. This will ensure we identify
you correctly in our systems and accurately process your request.
The COMPANY will take steps to modify their presence in their marketing communications.
Due to production timelines, mailing and system, it may take some time to process your
request. The following guidelines are provided for your convenience:
1. Immediately to emails.
2. Three business days for direct mail and phone.
Until entry into force of the changes you have requested, you may still receive marketing
communications from us. If you send your application by mail, please allow extra time to
receive and process your request.
Even if you opted to be excluded from future marketing communications, you may continue to
receive commercial communications such as order confirmations, product recall notices and
other communications relating to the organization.