The eclecticism in Madame Revé is preponderant by the amount of elements, that we find to build the discourse of the collections FW 1 7/1 8, from references like the traditional Chinese dress Qipao or the court of Luis XIV with those layer, that hang out from the shoulders made of velveteen, chiffon and cotton; embroidered in guipur with the Pied de poule… The hats with high crown with swarovski crystals or beads, that simulate the head dress that accompanied the ancient Chinese emperor to cover their faces in their coronation. In addition to the traditional Cordoban straw hat or mesh headd resses, that simulate the protection masks of fencing practitioners. Unti l a deconstruction of the typical Colombian ruana made in carded virgin wool; silhouettes as in common of Polite, we find many classic elements revised and brought to a more contemporary language.